House # 39 (L-8), Road # 15,Sector # 03, Rabindra Sarani, Uttara, Dhaka – 1230, Bangladesh.

About Us

Company Profile

Tex Style is an international trusted Buying and trading house having located in Dhaka, Bangladesh since very long times and working with the European based with valued customer/Buyer confidently.

Our excellent reputation with having the garments business in internationally with our most highly technician efforts is based on a wide extra service range, there are absolutely in every quality of the customer required such as seasonal cooler – collection and designs in correct concept which we develop in co-operation with European located designers who are visiting all international garments fairs.

Our business motto is always up dated informed about market situations and have know the perfect needs of our customers for the super products and all around service package for the order manipulation.

Production Control

Production Control

Some sourcing experts visit factories only once, examine the machinery, smoke with the overseers, and wait for results. At Tex Style, we believe that kind of shoddy practice short-changes the client. In contrast, we employ a quality assurance staff on the factory floor that sends daily reports to our main office. By staying on site, watching and managing the factory operations, we ensure that everyone is always on track and diligent. We keep factories accountable and maintain control over operations because you shouldn’t have to pay for negligence.

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Despite everything proceeding smoothly in Bangladesh, a late delivery might just derail your entire project. Tex Style is dedicated to satisfying you, our client. Sometimes, that means taking care of EVERY detail. We understand how important deadlines are and will take the extra step to make sure deliveries are always on time by developing optimal packaging and monitoring shipments. You can rest easy knowing that your product rests in our capable hands.
Social Responsibility
Adroit Linkers is unswerving in its commitment to ethical business practices and strives to work with Stakeholders who are willing to follow our lead. We firmly believe that our commitment to improve the working environment at our Manufacturers production facilities, through a defined Workplace code of conduct, will ensure better moral, resulting in quality production. We believe that the managements responsibility to define the company’s policy for social accountability and labor conditions, to ensure a commitment to continual improvement.